What We Do

Accounting Services


Providing financial information to our clients in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that we feel cannot be compromised. Meaningful, well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis.

Business Audit Services

Audit & Review

Our audit, review, and compilation services are performed in accordance with the highest quality and accounting standards. We partner with our clients to address debt covenants’ requirements, state compliance, bonding, and internal policies. Our audits, reviews, and compilations help our clients provide an independent and objective engagement that will ensure the financial statements’ transparency and accuracy.

Tax Services

Tax Services

We prefer to take a proactive vs. reactive approach to tax services. By keeping current on new tax laws and legislation, we are in a position to identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize both your current and future tax liabilities.


As a business grows and hires more employees, there is an increase in payroll administration. Staying on top of extensive payroll tax law changes can be time-consuming. We provide payroll preparation services that allow you to concentrate on running your business while ensuring your payroll is prepared in a timely, reliable, accurate, and confidential manner.

Business Consulting


Our professional business consultants look at your business’s “big picture.” As a hands-on advisor, we review your financial management processes and help you establish financial goals, as well as strategies and plans for growth.

Corporate Support

Corporate Support

Due to our diverse client base, we encounter a wide array of financial and tax issues. As a result, we have gained valuable experience over the years in numerous specialized areas.

IT Support

Eder Casella Technology provided managed IT services, consulting and IT security and training for your business.

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